Ever since WRDP first opened its doors in 1946, the practice has always been a reference of clinical excellence within Romford. Back in the day there was no much technology available. Even dental anesthetic was not very commonly used in dentistry. To illustrate us on how things were different back in the day, we have interviewed Mrs Mack. She has been a regular patient of the practice since 1949.

“In the early days of the Practice, Romford had many old buildings and small shops. There was Sainsbury in South Street and Stones Department Store, where Debenhams now stands. On Wednesday and Friday there was a farm animal market as well as vegetable, meat and fish stalls. A visit to see the animals was always my treat after going to the dentist as a child! Western Road was then a tree lined avenue with mainly old private houses. There was a private girls’ school (St Mary’s High School) near the practice which closed in the 1960s.

Mr Wardell started the first practice in 1946, in a house in Western Road (he was previously in a practice in South Street with Mr Jack Harper before starting his own practice). My mother took me to Mr Wardell in 1949 when I was two. The Dental Practice was basic, there was no modern technology, no injections were given but Mr Wardell was a very patient and caring dentist. In the early 1970s the Dental Practice moved further up the road to a prefabricated type building. By this time Mr O’Donovan and Mr Hall had joined the practice. When Mr Wardell retired in the mid-seventies, Mr Martin Holmes replaced him and was my dentist until he retired in 2008. Mr Iker Lezcano then joined the practice and became my 3rd dentist.”