It’s that time of the year again. You have just received your dental recall to book an appointment to check your teeth and gums. However, we will not just check these. Every time you attend for your check up appointment, Iker, Vivek and Iain follow strict  guidelines to ensure your complete oral health is up to scratch. Your examination will cover the following 12 point check list.

1.      MEDICAL HISTORY UPDATE (Health conditions and current medication)

2.      EXTRAORAL EXAMINATION (Face and neck)

3.      JAW JOINTS (Clicks, headaches and jaw opening)

4.      TEETH (Decay, toothwear and diet advice)

5.      GUMS (Gum disease and oral hygiene)

6.      BITE (Grinding and clenching)

7.      PREVIOUS DENTAL WORK (Old crowns, fillings and dentures)

8.      MOUTH CANCER SCREENING (Tongue, cheeks , throat and roof of the mouth)

9.      X- RAYS (Normally every 24 months)

10.  COSMETIC, ORTHODONTIC or IMPLANT appraisal (When you request it)

11.  DENPLAN ASSESSMENT (If you want to join Denplan)

12.  TREATMENT PLAN and ESTIMATE (Written itemized plan and finance options available)